How to install cracked apps with Cydia


Apple users often ask how to install cracked apps with Cydia. Here are some easy steps to install cracked AppStore apps with Cydia. An iDevice with Cydia ready means it has been jailbroken. If you are not yet jailbreak your phone you can follow these steps to jailbreak it and get Cydia downloaded. Please note that steps here are for any iOS version but not the latest iOS 6 which runs on iPhone 5. How to do this then? First of all, you must install the AppSync package. AppSync is a program allows users to sync and install cracked AppStore apps to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. In other words, your iDevice will not be able to run any cracked applications without AppSync. Currently, the latest AppSync version you can download is made for the iOS 5 firmware. AppSync also allows users to their iDevice to and from iTunes. Now you have know you need AppSync, so learn up these steps to install AppSync. Let’s start the engine!

Step 1: Suppose your iDevices has already jailbroken with Cydia ready, now you need to install another package call Installous before you can really install cracked apps on your device.

Step 2: Launch Cydia by tapping the lovely brown icon. Tap on the “Manage” within Cydia screen.

Step 3: Now you will reach a screen where you will see Packages, Sources, and Storage. This is the standard screen where you will always come in the future as it is the gateway to reach anything you want to do with Cydia. Tap on the second icon which is the Sources. Tap the “Add” button on top left and you will reach the ‘Enter Cydia/APT URL’ section. Type “” and tap Add Source. The screen will then run by itself for a few minutes.

Step 4: Tap “Return to Cydia” after the installation of Installous is done. For more details steps with images to install Installous, see Cydia Installous.

Step 5: Now your device should be jailbroken with Cydia and Installous. Now go to Hackulous source from Cydia by tapping on the icon. A few AppSync version will be appeared and you should tap on the latest version which is AppSync for iOS 5.0+. The screen will change and an install button will be appeared on top right corner. Tap on it to install AppSync.

AppSync iOS5 screen

Step 6: You can now click on the “Return to Cydia” button and enjoy using AppSync to install cracked apps and also sync it to/from your iDevices with iTunes.


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hi i tried the
but it did not verify and throws an error

Verification Error
A server with the specified hostname could not be found.
please help!!!

This error message usually indicates the hostname can’t be found. First you will need to review the /private/etc/hosts with any kind of editor. Second, make sure your localhost address is available and no line is corrupted. If there is any corrupted line you will have to delete it.