Top Five Best Cydia themes for iPhone


Whether you are using iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S or the longer iPhone 5, a nice theme will definitely make everything easy-to-use and nice to see. Here I have sorted out the top five best Cydia themes for iPhone. These themes are just nice for the shorter iPhone 4/4S as well as the longer iPhone 5 (Yeah, we all knew the iPhone 5 is much longer).

Sublime Lock HD

Cydia theme for iPhone Sublime lock HD

Sublime Lock HD is a free theme. The most extraordinary found in this theme is the twitter feed that allows you to reach anyone’s twitter in the fastest speed possible. Besides, it features a special unlock slider and you don’t feel like an ordinary iPhone.


ayecon Cydia theme

The ayecon theme is one of the best themes from WinterBoard. It was created by Surenix, a famous iOS theme designer. This theme has recently launched in Cydia BigBoss repo. Make sure your iDevices is using iOS 5 or above otherwise it won’t work. The only thing you may not like this theme is you have to pay for it.

Glasklart HD

Glasklart HD best Cydia theme for iPhone

As you can see from the name Glas (Glass shorten) means the theme look like glass. It turn your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 into an iPhone 10 look – a piece of glass. All the buttons turn into glass-look and they are transparent! It is one of the most popular free themes for iPhone in today’s market.


illumine Cydia theme

Illumine is the best theme for iPhone users who love to see different types of icons. This is because Illumine offers more than two thousands icons. Other than that, it has many options that you can use this theme for at least a period of time.


UINique Cydia theme for iphone

UINique is a free Cydia theme from Winterboard. It changes every application including the dial-up button. The theme looks some kind of 3D with some pop-up feel. UINique is often commented as the best Cydia themes for iPhone ever. So, what do you say?

If you are someone who love themes and always change your theme once awhile, I will strongly recommend you to get these three apps – ModMyiFone, Insanelyi, and HackYouriPhone. Check out Top Cydia Sources to get their sources. Besides, SBSettings is a must-have Cydia Apps that you can’t overlook because this app come with a few nice themes including Serious Theme, Shwank Theme, Gruppled Theme, iPhone Congruency Theme, and others wonderful theme for iPhone.


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Don’t Install Winterboard if you have a inphoe 3GS!!! that piece of sh*t made my inphoe 3gs not recieve any messages the first time i installed it, seconde time it disabled my dialer and had to restore the iPhone.. and now i just downloaded it again and it made my phone freeze after the reboot.. keeps givin me the apple sign and then just shuts off again!! F**k winterboard!! Ain’t neva gonna install that shit again.. I’ve warned those who doubt it and don’t know the risks of winterboard on a 3GS!

hello this is to clear up the cd and usb thing. if u have an ipod 3g or iphone 3gs when u first turn it on its on 3.1.2 then your jabairelk is tethered meaning everytime you turn it off you gotta jabairelk again so when u reboot have ur usb plugged it and when it turns off and u see apple logo press make it rain on blackrain then close all itunes and ur phone start like usual