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Best Cydia Apps for iPhone 5


While the iPhone 5 has been jailbroken, there are thousands of free apps available in Cydia store and the number is increasing almost everyday. Among these thousands of free apps, I and my friends have personally tested at least one thousand top-rated Cydia apps. These apps are frequently received high ratings from Cydia users. For those who have not install Cydia to your iPhone 5, you can either install it manually or install it with some awesome applications such as iJailbreak Pro, Apple Unlocker, iJailbreak Tool, Rcep, and others. These are some great apps that give you a convenient way to jailbreak and install Cydia to the latest iPhone 5 with iOS 6. Perhaps they are now working on software application to jailbreak iOS 7. Now we have listed the best Cydia apps for iPhone 5 in 2013. It is a must to scroll down to the list and have them installed to your iPhone 5 otherwise you will feel regret.

Protect My Privacy (Free)

protect my privacy
Privacy is very important to me and I believe it is important in anyone’s life too. If you are just like me who thinks we should have the right to choose what we want to share, and with which people we want to share, Protect My Privacy is the best Cydia apps for you. This app adds a layer between apps and iOS 6. It gives you a full control of what you want to share. When a third-party application tries to access your personal information, Protect My Privacy will alert you and you will have the option to allow or protect your privacy. Besides, you can preset fake information such as names or location and switch between real and fake information.

SBSettings (Free)

I always mentione SBSettings since day one this website is created. The reason why SBSettings is mentioned at least 10 times in this website is because it is a must-have Cydia Apps that helps you to manage your iPhone settings faster. It helps you to save a few seconds for each setting and that could save you a few days over a year. SBSettings users are allow to enable or disable some features with one click, for example, turning On/Off Wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, brightness, and others. On top of that, SBSettings is free to download and it works well on iPhone 4, 4S, and 5.

MissionBoard Pro ($2.99)

missionboard pro
This is one of the greatest ever Cydia tweaks that acts as an app switcher. With $2.99, MissionBoard Pro comes with features such as music controls, brightness slider, toggles, and many more. If you are just looking for a tweak without much features, you may go for MissionBoard which is totally free. 

CyDelete (Free)

cydelete cydia apps
As mentioned above, I have at least downloaded a thousand apps to my iPhone 5 since I bought it. It is a hassle when I want to remove some apps that I no longer needed. CyDelete is a cool Cydia app that I need when I want to uninstall a package. With CyDelete, I no longer need to go through the traditional seven steps operation. I can simply remove a Cydia package by holding down the icon and tap the X just like any apps in App Store. This is really one great thing that makes my life easier. 

NCSettings (Free)

I have seen a few jailbreak tweaks but NCSettings is one of a kind. This tweak allows you to add the frequently used toggles to NotificationCenter in an elegant way without taking a lot of space. Although iPhone 5 is longer compared to iPhone 4, NCSettings is still the best Cydia apps for people who want to more space.