Top Cydia Sources


Previously I have shared A-list of Cydia sources (Cydia Repositories) from A to Z. There are nearly hundreds of them. Today, I am going to pick ten from the list and tell you which are the top Cydia sources that you should not missed or must-have for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

1. xSellize –

Me myself is a huge fan of emulated games, xSellize is like a very close friend to me because this repo got several great deals of ROM packs. Those ‘80s and ‘90s game lovers you must download xSellize and try it your own. Sega, Game Boy, Nintendo, NES, or any game you can remember. Try or if the link above is not working for you.

2. –

If I would to say is one of the best Cydia sources I guess only very little percentage of Apple user will disagree with what I said. repo hosts Installous – a portal where you can access millions of free apps and great apps. So, I put it at number two here although number here doesn’t really mean ranking.

3. ModMyiFone –

ModMyiFone has a huge range of tweaks and apps that can modify your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Theme lovers, news reader, apps lovers will love ModMyiFone. Try it then you know what I mean. I get my SBSettings from there.

4. Insanelyi –

Although this repo doesn’t have a lot of free apps, it has tons of themes, mods, tweaks, and apps to customize your iDevices. All of them are from trusted sources.

5. PwnCenter –

I have a few friends who is using iPhone spend 1/3 of their time changing wallpaper and ringtones. So I always suggest this Cydia source to them. I still remember one of them brought me a free Starbucks coffee after a week he use it.

Top Cydia Sources

6. BigBoss & Planet-iPhones –

The BigBoss repo is one of my best Cydia source and also most iDevice users around me. There are at least a few hundreds of mods and apps available free for anyone to try on it. Simple and straight-forward. Bravo!

7. FilippoBiga –

FlippoBiga repo has some really interesting apps that can make your iDevices look fresh with several designs. You can customize all your icons, battery status bar, or anything you want to.

8. iHacks –

First of all, the name itself is funny that’s why I put in as one of the top Cydia sources. Second, iHacks has many things from A to Z. Special apps, tweaks, mods, ringtones and others can be found here. It is a must-have repo for any jailbroken idevices.

9. iPhone Cake –

Except game lover, other won’t put this repo as their favorite. But for game lover, this repo is a heaven. It is a doorway to access a variety of games. For me, it has almost all the games I used to play since I know how to play computer games.

10. HackYouriPhone –

Have you HackYouriPhone? Up till today, this repo has a huge huge huge huge range of apps, tweaks, mods, ringtones, themes and etc. Beware! You may end up hours surfing around this repo.