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AppCake Repo Sources: Download Free Apps for iPhone, iPad Air, iPod Touch


AppCake is one of the best Installous alternatives when it comes to free apps, cracked apps, quality of apps, and the number of apps. Just like Installous, AppCake offers unlimited paid apps for free. There is no cost to download AppCake as well as all the apps available in AppCake. iOS users can install AppCake+ through Cydia repo source and discover all the cracked apps available in AppCake. I’ve personally tested AppCake on iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2, and iOS 8.2. It works perfectly so you can give it a try to download it right now.

It is time to give up Installous because it won’t come back anymore. It is time to try on some other alternatives such as IPAStore repo, iFunBox, vShare, Zeusmos, Kuaiyong, HipStore and more. Today, it is a must to set your priority to try AppCake on your iPhone, iPad Air, or iPod Touch.

What is AppCake?

AppCake is a program/application developed by iPhoneCake. This application provides free apps, cracked apps, and jailbreak games to iOS users who have Cydia installed to their iOS devices. In other words, you need to have Cydia installer in your iOS device in order to enjoy all the paid apps for free offered by AppCake.

Many of the best Cydia Apps and Cydia tweaks are available in this repo for free. To install AppCake, all you need is the correct AppCake source and repo then you can start using it to hunt for your desired tweaks. Open your Cydia and search for AppCake if you would like to check if you already installed AppCake in your iPhone, iPad Air, or iPod Touch.

How to Download AppCake with Cydia

In order to get AppCake through Cydia, you will first need to jailbreak your iOS 8 devices and download Cydia on it. There are many ways to download Cydia and it is very much depending on the jailbreak method you choose and also your iOS version. AppCake works only on a jailbroken iOS device thus it is a must to jailbreak it before you follow the steps below to download AppCake repo source.

Step 1: Tap on the brown Cydia logo to launch Cydia. Go to Sources and then tap on Edit.

Step 2: Tap on Add button which is located on the top left of your iDevice screen.

Step 3: Enter AppCake repo or AppCake source when the “Enter Cydia/APT URL” message appears. There are a few AppCake repo available in the internet world but iPhoneCake is highly recommended because it is the developer of AppCake. iPhoneCake repo also hosts the newest AppCake version all the time. So, enter and add the repo directly.

Appcake repo

Step 4: Once AppCake repo is added, tap on Return to Cydia.

Step 5: Again, go to Cydia -> Sources -> iPhoneCake repo. Search for AppCake+. Tap Confirm to download AppCake+. If you are using the latest iOS device with HD screen such as the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, or iPad Air, you may download AppCake HD.

Do you face any problem during the installation of AppCake repo? If so, leave a message here and you will get your answers from community.