Download Cydia without jailbreak?


Is there any ways to download and install Cydia without jailbreak iDevices? The answer is NO! Or a better answer is “Not Yet”. But if you would like to reinstall your Cydia without re-jailbreak your iDevice, there is a way. If you are just like me – a person who hates to re-jailbreak my iPhone 4S in order to re-install Cydia, you should have learn up these steps to download Cydia without jailbreaking your iDevice.

Cydia Without Jailbreak via vShare

Last updated: March 17, 2016

Recently, we received many emails from app developers saying they are able to install Cydia without jailbreak on iOS 7.1.2, iOS 8.4, iOS 9.1, iOS 9.2.1, even the lastest iOS 9.3. As usual, we took the responsibility to test all the proposed method to make sure oneself is able to download Cydia without jailbreak on any iDevice. The first tested app is called vShare. vShare is a popular app that allows iOS users to install cracked apps without jailbreak. We installed it to iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S, as well as iPad Pro. The program runs very smooth, however, it was unable to install Cydia without jailbreak. vShare alternatives such as AppCake, Kuaiyong and Installous are unable to install Cydia on non-jailbroken devices. In conclusion, there is still no way to run Cydia without jailbreak. Stay tuned on this page and the newest information will be updated once Cydia is made available on non-jailbreak devices.

Cydia Without Re-Jailbreaking

Basically, there are few methods to reinstall Cydia without re-jailbreaking any iDevices. These methods work for iPhone, iPod Touch, as well as latest iPad. I’ve shared the first method when I teach you how to manually install Cydia to iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. If you have missed the article, you may click on the link to go through the steps again. Otherwise, you may follow these steps to re-install Cydia without jailbreaking your iDevices.

Cydia Logo

Step 1: Connect your iOS Devices and your computer to an active Wifi with valid IP assigned to both the devices.

Step 2: Make sure your computer has SFTP program. You may try WinSCP on Windows or Cyberduck on Mac. Use one of these programs to SSH into your iDevice.

Step 3: To enter your iDevice, key in your iDevice’s IP address under “Host Name:” field in WinSCP. The IP address can be checked under Wifi settings of your iDevice. Other required field are such as below:

User name: root

Password: alpine

Hit the Login button and you can now SSH to your iDevice.

Step 4: Launch the Terminal in WinSCP by clicking on the Terminal icon. For Cyberduck, you will need to go Utilities->Terminal, enter alpine as root password and type “ssh root@your.idevice.ip.address.”

Step 5: Once you are in the terminal, you will need to remove the current Cydia program installed in your iDevices. Use this command to remove it.

apt-get remove cydia

Step 6: Now you need to use this command to reinstall Cydia without jailbreaking your iDevice.

apt-get install cydia

That is easy, isn’t? In a nutshell, you can re-install Cydia or update Cydia without re-jailbreaking your iDevice but there is not way (not yet) to get Cydia on iPhone, iPod, or iPad without jailbreaking. I’ve seen a lots of video about this in YouTube, if you don’t mind losing all your apps or your data, you may follow them!