Download Cydia on iOS 8.4 with TaiG Jailbreak


While I was searching for the release date of iOS 8.5 and iOS 9, I noticed that the iOS 8.4 jailbreak is available. This time, the hero behind the iOS 8.4 jailbreak is TaiG jailbreak tool. It is definitely the coolest jailbreak tool ever for iOS 8.4 users because it packed with the latest Cydia 1.1.19 version. It is the coolest also because it is free and it takes less than 15 minutes for the entire jailbreak and Cydia download process. 15 minutes is meant for jailbreak dummies. It could take you less than 8 minutes if you are familiar with jailbreak and you used to download Cydia to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

As TaiG jailbreak tool is developed by a group of Chinese developers, it is initially only available in Chinese. However, you can now download TaiG jailbreak tool English version and use it on your Windows PC or Mac. The latest version is TaiG v2.3.0 and it works flawlessly on Windows. If you are ready to jailbreak and install Cydia to your iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 or other iOS 8devices, you may follow the step by step guide here. I’ve tested it for more than 10 times and it should work flawlessly on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. For those who already jailbreak with TaiG v2.2.0 or TaiG v2.2.1, you can just update Cydia to version 1.1.19 automatically.

How to Download Cydia with TaiG v2.3.0

This jailbreak method requires a computer (either Mac or Windows). It is not a jailbreak method without computer.

Step 1: Go to TaiG official website and download the latest TaiG jailbreak tools. The latest version is v2.3.0 and you can download from with any web browser. This link will lead you to the latest TaiG English version.

Step 2: Backup your iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod Touch or any iOS 8.4 devices with iTunes or iCloud. Alternatively, you can backup with any third-party applications you preferred.

Step 3: Connect your iOS 8.4 device to your PC or Mac. Launch TaiG and it will recognize your device and show you the current iOS version, for example, iOS version 8.4.

Step 4: Go to Settings and switch off Find my iPhone/ Find my iPad/ Find my iPod Touch.

Step 5: Once TaiG recognized your device, you will see a message “Will install the DEBs below during jailbreak:” Check Cydia | 1.1.19 and uncheck the 3K Assistant | 2.3.0.

TaiG Cydia

Step 6: Now click Start to begin the jailbreak and Cydia installtion. Your iOS 8.4 device may restart several times during the jailbreak. You can also see the jailbreak process as it will show you the percentage, for example, 11%, 60% or 90%.

TaiG Jailbreak

Step 7: Jailbreak succeeded! This is the message you will see once the jailbreak is 100% completed. Now what? Search for the best Cydia apps for iPhone 6!

TaiG jailbreak Cydia

Isn’t it extremely easy to jailbreak an Apple device? There are many jailbreak services in the market but they aren’t cheap. Most of them are $19.90, $29.90 or even $39.90. Why not follow the steps above and get it done within 15 minutes for free? It is totally free and won’t cost you a dime. If you do face any problem during the jailbreak and Cydia installation, please leave a message. Check out the best free Cydia apps and Installous alternatives once you are jailbroken.