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Top 10 Cydia Apps – What will you choose?


If you were given a paper with ten empty boxes to fill in your top 10 Cydia apps, what will you put in? Few days ago, I’ve played a game with my iFriends to list out their top five best Cydia apps and that it turned out to be a very fun night. Now I am going to share my personal best top 10 Cydia apps and the reason why I love them and please list down yours here in the comment field below after you read mine. Please also tell share the reason why you love them.

1. Sbsettings – I described the SBSettings as “Must-have Cydia Apps to manage iPhone settings faster”. Indeed, it really helps me to save a lot of every day when I tap on my phone. It takes less than five seconds to turn ON/OFF my 3G,Bluetooh,Wi-Fi, or something similar to that after I’ve installed Sbsettings. If my calculation is right, I have saved a week throughout the year.

2. iBlacklist – Although I mentioned before iBlacklist is a good app to hide your first girlfriend’s calls or sms messages from your second girlfriend, I did not use this app in that way. It is a great app to block calls and messages you don’t want to receive. I would strongly recommend iBlacklist to iPhone users who have got a lot of stalkers. It is the true iPhone firewall.


3. Activator – From my iFriend’s top five best Cydia apps and tweaks list, I do see Activator appears few times. It means I am not the only love this app. Activator helps me to activate apps via gestures, shortcuts, and buttons. I placed some of this shortcut buttons in home and I can access many apps easily. You can simply launch certain settings with one click.

4. Winterboard – Winterboard is one of the best ways to customize your springboard. Some or probably most of the iPhone users jailbreak their phone for Winterboard. With this app, you can add themes to your phone and customize the screen to make it inimitable.

5. MyWi – If you are someone always travel like I do, MyWi is an inevitable Cydia app for you. MyWi can turn your mobile into a hot spot or Wi-Fi access point. You can then connect your laptop, computer, or iPad to your iPhone and surf the internet with your iPhones data. This app is definitely a must because we all know internet access in certain areas especially hotels are extremely expensive.

6. CyDelete – Apps or programs are designed to make human’s life easier and simpler. CyDelete helps you to delete or remove any unwanted Cydia apps easily. Just tap the “X” and you can completely delete one app. If you would like to delete all apps at once, check out these steps: Remove and uninstall all Cydia apps at once.

7. iFile – iFile gives you the best way to manage all kinds of files in your iPhone easily. Copy, paste, edit, load, and delete all within few taps.

8. Cylay – This is not a free app but the $18/year you pay for is worth it. It serves as an alternative to iPhone user who doesn’t like MobileMe. Cylay comes with many features such as Find Your iPhone, Remote Lock, Remote Message, and a long list of useful features. Everyone buy car insurance to protect their car and Cylay is like buying an insurance to protect your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

9. Notifier Pro – This tweaks display all kinds of notifications at your status bar. It is great for users who always play around with their phone.

10. AssistantLove – AssistantLove pretty much like a voice assistant. In other words, you can turn your iPhone to become your secretary. You can use Siri with Spotify and select GPS navigation apps – TomTom, Motion-X GPS, Waze, or Navigon. Meaning you can ask for direction and get replied in voice. Not much of people heard of this tweak before but it deserve a space in my top 10 Cydia apps list.