How to add songs to Cydia Music Box


For music lovers who always support Cydia Music Box probably is the best Cydia Tweak. This is because Music Box has a few functions that appear to be very attractive to music lovers especially people who can’t live without music in any single day. Once you have got a jailbroken iDevice with Cydia ready, you may download Music Box if you haven’t got one. Music Box allows you to search for any music you want and download them to play on your device for free. Who doesn’t like free music? There are unlimited songs available out there but all you need is this tweak to reach them. Besides, this tweak will also update new songs either weekly or monthly depends on your setting. If you have already downloaded Music Box from Cydia and wondering how to add songs to Music Box or transfer music from Music Box to other places, here are the steps.

Add songs to Music Box

Cydia Music Box

Step 1: Launch Music Box from your iDevice. Tap on the most left button and a search box will eventually appear on top.

Step 2: Type in either the song name or the singer name of the song you want to download and search for it. You can search for any songs you want including English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Latin Music, Indian, and others. Often the list will appear a few different versions of the song based on what you type into the search box. You can tap on the song you want and try to listen to it before download it to your device. Tips: Look at the length of the music. If the length is less than a minute it is probably a ringtone or just part of the song. If you want to download a full song it usually stays in between 2 to 6 minutes depending on the song.

Step 3: If you have confirmed that is the song you want to download, hit the download button and everything is automatic.

Copy or transfer music from Music Box to somewhere else

Step 1: To transfer or copy music from Music Box (which you have previously download) to somewhere else – PC, laptops, another phones, other computers, and etc. You will first have to know where the songs are stored in your iDevice. All the music downloaded through Music Box will be stored in var/mobile/media library.

SSH iPhone

Step 2: Now you can connect your iDevice to your computer and access to the path through SSH. You will see all the music in var/mobile/media library. What now? Ctrl + C (Copy) and then Ctrl + V (Paste) to anywhere you prefer (For Windows operating system). For Mac user, there is already a ready SSH program bundled inside Mac OS which is known as Cyberduck. Simply launch Cyberduck and click on “Open Connection”. You can then access to the path and transfer the music once both devices are connected.

If you would like to try out some other Cydia apps related to music or songs, try SiriLoveLyrics, Awesome Music Controller, SBMusic, or MusicBanner. They are all the cool Cydia apps that make life even more beautiful.