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Awesome Apps to Backup Your Cydia Downloads


When iOS 5 was launched, you update your iOS device and all the Cydia apps gone. You spent a lot of time to recover all your favorite apps. After several months, iOS 6 was launched and then you update your iOS version. Again all the Cydia downloads you had were gone. What a frustrating. Now iOS 7 is coming, are you going to update your iOS version and let all your Cydia tweaks gone just like that? Definitely No! There are some awesome apps are able to backup your Cydia downloads, apps, and tweaks. Let’s see how awesome these apps are before you upgrade your device to iOS 7

Free way to backup your Cydia Downloads

OpenBackup is highly recommended as a free method to backup your Cydia apps and tweaks. Well, it is highly suggested not just because it is free but it’s extremely awesome functions. This app makes a backup process easier. All it takes is 5 minutes for the entire process and here are the steps to backup your Cydia downloads. Before you begin, you may take the opportunity to remove unwanted apps that stayed in your iOS device for a long time.

Step 1: Go to Cydia App Store and search for OpenBackup and then download it to your device. Install it and launch it. You will see a full backup option and go for it if you want to backup all your apps. Click on the Confirm to backup everything. OpenBackup will then store it to either iTunes or iCloud.

Step 2: Now you have to unjailbreak your iOS device in order to upgrade our iOS version no matter is iOS 6 or iOS 7. Go to your iTUnes and install your desired iOS version.

Step 3: Rejailbreak your iOS device and download Cydia. Again, go to Cydia and download OpenBackup (It’s no longer in your device because you have just upgraded it). Open OpenBackup and tap on the “Restore” button. Bingo! That’s it. Your iDevice will respring itself and finger crossed!

Cydia backup

Alternative ways

Although OpenBackup is one of the easiest ways to backup your Cydia apps, there are some other methods can be considered. These are:

PKGBackup – Work wonderful for backup and restore. This app also gives you an option to backup phone contacts. It costs $9.99 per download.

xBackup – xBackup is often a great alternative way to perform a backup. Other than backing up to iTunes, it has the option to backup your apps automatically or manually. Manual backup can be taken from DIR /var/mobile/xBackup/.

Total Backup – Total Backup is the last choice to go for. It was released not long ago so it is not yet stable. However, it does backup photos, phone contact, SMS, notes, and also Cydia repo.

The above mentioned apps work amazingly so that you don’t have to go the traditional way – write down all the apps you have and re-download them after upgrade. Have you tried any of the backup apps and it is not working or did not work as describe? Shout it out here with the comment box below. Sharing is always caring.