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Best free apps in Cydia Store


It is really hard to choose what is the best free app in Cydia store. This is because in terms of “best”, it can only be one. Therefore, instead of promoting just one best app from Cydia store, here I would like to recommend five very best free apps from Cydia store. Previously, I have shared the top 10 cydia apps with the help from a few friends who are having jailbroken iPhone. Those apps in the top ten are without a doubt qualified to be in the list. However, some of them are paid apps and some of us don’t like paid stuff. If you want some free cool apps, please mark down the name of these cool apps now.

SBsettings. If you do notice, SBsettings has appeared many times not only in this website but also other Cydia related websites. Let me tell you the reasons. Reason number one, it is free; reason number two, it helps you to manage your iPhone settings faster; reason number three, you can change the outlook of your iPhone with different kind of free themes. In a nutshell, SBsettings is undoubtedly deserved to be in the list.

FaceBookThis. Nowadays almost everyone has facebook and live with it everyday. If FaceBook is one necessity in your life, FaceBookThis is a free Cydia app you can’t avoid not to have. This tweak allows you to share any photos from your iPhone instantly to your FaceBook account. Snap and share, skip all the standard steps which are hassle. This tweak also allows you to email your photo, use the photo as Wallpaper, tweet it, or print it within a tap from your finger. For those who hate to wait, this is the tweak for ya.

Activator. For me, Activator is an app that combines a few apps together. Why I say so? Activator is an amazing Cydia app which gives you the speed you want. You can activate any apps via gestures, shortcuts, and buttons. You can also add the shortcut buttons of those frequently used app in home screen for easier access. Anything can be reached with one tap. Besides, Activator also indicates you about the activities running on in your iPhone. This is why I said Activator is a combination of few very useful apps.

Music Widget. This tweak is a new comer in Cydia world. It is available on Cydia somewhere around May 2012. Basically, this free app is for music lovers. Please don’t tell me you have never play a song from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. With Music Widget, you can view your album information along with play/pause, next, and previous buttons at the bottom of the device interface. It makes your screen look elegant and clean while playing songs. Simply go to BigBoss repo if you want to download it. Don’t worry, it is free!

Music Widget Cydia App

Winterboard. Up to date, I couldn’t find one free app from Cydia store which can replace Winterboard. Just like what Beyonce sing, it is Irreplaceable. Winterboard has lots of features that allow you to customize your springboard. It also allows you to add free themes to your phone and customize some of the buttons to make it look unique.

Is there anyone disagree any of the top five above is the best free apps in Cydia store? Last but not least, Merry Christmas!