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Cool Cydia apps for people with more than one lover


Today I would like to recommend two really cool Cydia apps for iPhone – iBlacklist and Recentdelete. Why I say these apps are cool because they are the best buddy for those who have more than one lover, more than one wife/husband, two girlfriends, or multiple boyfriends. If you are someone fall in these group of people (meaning you have more than a lover), take a look at these two apps seriously before you get caught.


iBlacklist is an app to block or hide calls and sms for the iPhone. The app allows you to select who you want to receive calls, calls you don’t want to receive, and messages you want to hide. In other words, it helps you to hide your second lover’s call history or messages from your first lover. iBlacklist also allows you to set and remove the sms popup preview in your iPhone to protect your privacy. For instances, your second GF’s “I miss you darling” will not be seen by your first girlfriend if she is someone always check on your iPhone.

In the parental control, you can protect all your messages or sms by setting up a password so that no one else can read your messages. Other than that, you can also preset some sms text to reply to your first girlfriend automatically while you are with your second girlfriend. Other useful settings include direct the caller to voicemail or automatically disconnect the caller.


Recentdelete works like iBlacklist’s brother. It helps to delete your second boyfriend’s call log from your first boyfriend. RecentDelete allows you to select the number you want to delete the call log from your contact list. Besides, it enables your phone to delele recent extension and individual calls from the recent call lists. One thing amazing about this app is it does not require any storage space or installation, simply work as a plug-in in your phone.

In conclusion, if you have more than a lover, do not miss these two cool Cydia apps that will help you go through your life. Imagine if Tiger Woods has these two apps in his phone few years ago, today he may still Elin’s husband.


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