Cydia not working – What to do?


It is common that Cydia is not working after the jailbreaking process. This could be something went wrong during the jailbreaking process (at most time it is) or the Cydia itself is not completely installed to the phone. The most most MOST hateful error that you may see on your iDevice screen is “x HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error”. Your Cydia will not work if you seen this error when you try to launch it. Sometimes, Cydia will keep backing out every time you try to launch it.

Cydia not working
Print Screen – Cydia not working

When this happen, it could mean two things:

  • Cydia server is down due to too many connections.
  • Your Cydia is not properly installed or your jailbreaking process is not complete.


Re-jailbreak your iDevice using some method shared here before: Download Cydia and get it installed.

If you are very confident that your jailbreaking process doesn’t have any problem and Cydia is the one gives you headache, you may try to manually re-install Cydia to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Get the Cydia DEB file here and follow the five easy steps to re-install Cydia to your iPhone. Problems can be solved easily within half an hour for beginners.

Tips: if your Cydia is not working after you install a new apps, try to delete the app and reboot your iDevice.

Remember to reboot your device after the installation. If your Cydia is still not working after the recommended solution, please share your problem here and we will work out the best solution for it. Do share any experience of yours regarding Cydia not working if you have one.


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it does not work with my iPad.I got that Faild from Greenpois0n , just after my iPad flashing white, and som wrtinig in black screen white text, then it boots into connect to itunes .im kicking it out with tinyumbrella and everything is orginaly.yes, i have tried to hold down the homebutton alway thru the prosess anyone have this problem?

Cydia not working ..and i tried to reinstall with root username and alpine password trick but its not connecting with device.Please help me out .

Both devices not connecting could be wrong password or wrong IP address. The command to connect both devices are:
ssh root@youripaddress
cd /private/var/mobile/documents/
dpkg –i cydia_1.0.3366-1_iphoneos-arm.deb
Make sure the path to your Cydia deb file is correct too.

Cydia used to work until I downloaded wallpaper HD from one of the sources. Now, it refuses to open and just gives me the “Return to Cydia” option. What should I do?

I recently jail-broke my ipone 5, and cydia just crashes at opening. I thought of rejailbreaking, but evasion jailbreak .exe is telling me its not recommended. I do have a program called xplore and can see where cydia is installed. Is it possible to find cydia and manualy install the program? Thank you ahead for your time.

I am having a similar problem. Jailbroke my 4S 6.1 and everything seemed fine. Opened Cydia and installed a few freebies to try it out (first time jailbreaker) and couldn’t figure out how to activate the new theme, so I rebooted. Now when I tap Cydia it crashes immediately. Tried reboot and home/power ….. nothing. Moreover, Safari freezes upon opening. Help!

My download was incomplete . Then , the cydia tell me that the process in complete and as me return to cydia . When I click it , the cydia comes out just only on the tab below . The other will came to black screen . What should I do . Please help me .

I did the jailbreak and the installation perfectly but when i tried to open the cydia file it said, ‘Cydia will close after it is done.’ I did not disturb it I left the app running but my screen went black and my iPhone wont reboot. What should i do, please i really need help.

Looks like your Cydia crashes when you open it. Put your iPhone into DFU mode and reinstall your Cydia. Try to re-jailbreak with TaiG jailbreak tool if you are running on iOS 8.4.

“Cydia could not be opened because the address of its main page is invalid”. Anyone know the solution ?